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Tourmalinated Quartz

$ 5.00

Black Tourmaline growing withing Clear Quartz. A special quartz that holds the qualities of a clear quartz with the properties of Black tourmaline. A balance of opposites. Deflects negative energies, grounding thoughts brings clarity to mind. Helps to unblock stagnate and unwanted energies.

Chakra: Crown & Root - Moving unwanted energy, focused thoughts, balance

Element: Earth

Color: Transparent Crystal with Thin bands of Black Tourmaline

Stone chosen with you in Mind!

Cleanse regularly and set the intention in each crystal to keep crystal energy working for you. Any option below works, it's all about what works for you. To set intention, hold each crystal individually and be specific of what you need from it.

1. Put in full sun for a couple hours.

2. Full Moon, moon light overnight.

3. Set in water for a couple of hours.

4. Smudge with sage or palo santo.

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