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Therapeutic Incense: Lavender

$ 7.00

Few fragrances are as know as lavender is. With relaxing and calming properties, lavender is currently present in almost any industry that uses fragrances and perfumes, cleaning products and household products.

Fragrance is recognizable and typical, but discrete and  does not interfere in the balance of an environment, in synergy with good frequencies and energies, not negatively effecting their flux.

Together with Breuzinho's properties, it is recommended for those moments before sleeping, and also for place where kids are living.

  • Non Toxic
  • Box with 4 Sticks (4.5" Long x .25" Diameter Each Stick)
  • Each Stick burns for about 90 minutes.
  • The basis for the incense burning is raw and organic materials.

Composition of Incense: Lavender, concentrated aromatic oil, white breu gum, Charcoal, Inca's vegetal compound, Frankincense and Rough salt

Made in Brazil

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