Rudraksha Mala - Earth's Elements

Rudraksha Mala

  • $ 20.00

This hand crafted mala, simply designed with a slate grey tassel, is made up of 108 Rudraksha seed beads. Rudraksha seeds have a wonderful natural texture that feels satisfying on the hands during counting or meditation. Additionally, these seeds are thought to have spiritual and medicinal powers. Legend has it the first seeds were created from the tears of Lord Shiva. In addition to the 108 beads, there is also an additional Guru bead. 

  • Meditation mala made from Rudraksha seeds
  • Contains 108 knotted beads plus guru bead
  • Mala strand is approximately 34 inches long
  • Tassel measures 4 inches long 
  • Individual beads are approximately 6 mm each
  • Hand made in Bali, Indonesia