Rose Quartz Zenith Pendant


Trim and pretty in pink Rose Quartz, Loving you Unconditionally. This pure Rose Quartz Zenith Pendant amplifies this in a elevated way. Keep the compassion going on and on without thoughts this Rose Quartz Zenith will do it's duty unto you...Loving you...and loving all.

Elements of: Water

Chakra: Heart

  • Unconditional Love for yourself & others
  • Deep Compassion
  • Calming, Reassuring
  • Balancing Heart Chakra
  • Total focused goodness around your neck
  • Cleanse regularly, to keep crystal energy straightforward
  • Rose Quartz & Silver Loop
  • Semi-Transparent Light Rosie Pink

Crystal Origin: Brazil + Fair Trade
Made in: USA
Size: 1.75" x .5" Single Terminated Rose Quartz


Collections: Crystals, Gifts, Jewelry

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