Red Coral + Yak Bone Necklace


You to can be bold with this carefully crafted multi stranded Red Coral Necklace. Time honored craftsmanship by the Nepalese, with strict attention to detail the Yak Bone has been hand carved, star studded mimicking the cosmic force of nature. Perfect for you to step out and wow!

For the Nepalese and Tibetans Yak Bone is used to Honor the animals that serve humankind, in turn it also inspires us to serve one another as brothers and sisters of the Earth to balance the ways, which is beneficial for all.

Symbolizing the sky and sea and it's Infinity.

  • Yak Bone represents the Earth, bringing forth balance within the body & soul, assisting our blood circulation.
  • Coral the Sea/ Water...Protecting us from negative force's, redirecting them away from us.
Crafted In: Nepal + Fair Trade
Size:Size: Necklace 22" Long, 1" Yak Bone Design
*Yak: Long Haired Ox, native to the Himalayan region. Yak bone is acquired when the yak falls from natural causes as they are a main domesticated animal providing service for the Nepalese and their well-being. Some Wild Yak still roam free in the Himalayan region.

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