Quan Yin Meditating upon Lotus


Quan Yin in meditation, showing her Love and Compassion giving to those in need, Quan Yin sits upon the Lotus for those who call. In Sanskrit she is Padmi-Pani " born of the lotus. A nurturing mother sacrificing herself for others. She will bring you wisdom that understands reality, dispelling illusion. One who brings comfort and guidance, freeing you from the hardness of the heart, allowing for pure love & compassion to encompass all.

  • Love & Compassion
  • Healing
  • Guidence
  • Comfort & Nurturing
  • Fertility
  • Wisdom

Place in either indoor of outdoor in a sacred space for loving guidance.

Made with Cast of mixed stones
Crafted in: Mexico, design by Earths Elements
Size: 18" x 8.5" x 8.5" about 15lbs

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