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Primordial Black Tourmaline Pendant

$ 15.00

Battle no more with negativity, Black Tourmaline in it's supreme primordial state will be your buddy to take that battle on! It's essential for you to keep that positive flow, flowing. Doesn't it feel good?

Elements of: Earth

Chakra: Root/Base, Stimulating Life Force Energy

  • Powerful protection, purifying & neutralizing ones own thoughts.
  • Grounding, Connecting Earth & Spirit
  • Deflects/Dispels negative energy, cleansing emotions
  • Total focused goodness around your neck
  • Self cleansing stone
  • Natural Black Tourmaline secured in a silver plated loop
  • Opaque Black

Crystal Origin: Madagascar + Fair Trade
Made in: USA
Approximately Size: 1" x .5" Raw/Primordial Black Tourmaline


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