Ornate Quartz Crystal Pendant


Brilliantly made, faceted Quartz Crystal with the illusion of it floating within it's setting. Reflecting your magnificence and your enchanting ways, allure others to be just as stunning.

Elements of: Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Chakra: All
Physical: Pineal Gland
  • Enhancing intention
  • Amplifies other stones
  • Purifies & focuses energy
  • Easy to program with your intentions
  • Total focused goodness around your neck
  • Cleanse regularly, to keep crystal energy straightforward
  • Quartz Crystal secured with 100% Sterling Silver Setting
  • Specially hand crafted in Bali, Designed by Earths Elements
  • Super clear transparent Quartz

Crystal Origin: Brazil + Fair Trade
Made in: Bali
Size: 1.5" x 1"Clear Quartz


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