Serpentine Tumbled

  • $ 10.00

This Olive Serpentine tumbled stone is a wonderful grounding stone. It will bring you into contact with angelic guidance.  The name “Serpentine” was given to this stone as it has a similarity to the appearance of a snakeskin.  The Olive Serpentine tumbled stone can be used as part of the process to raise your Kundalini energy.

 It assists on healing imbalances from past lives and clearing emotional baggage from previous relationships.


Serpentine can be used to attract/manifest what you want into your life--abundance on all levels, prosperity, love, healing, etc.  It aligns your intent with the Heart Chakra and Source energy. Use Olive Serpentine tumbled stone to deepen and maintain focus in meditation.

  • Cleansing stone
  • Luck, Healing & Regeneration
  • Balances mood swings
  • Clear the auric field 
  • Supports efforts to rebalance your digestion


Chakra: Heart and Crown

Element: Water

Color: golden–green color

Affirmation: I forgive and release the past. I deepen my spiritual explorations and stay.