Magenta Shell Pendant


Shells are a rainbow of colors, this shell has been enhanced with glittering magenta resin, setting off it's radiant qualities. If you want to make a bold statement this is something you must have your collection.

Elements of: Water
Chakra: Root/ Base & Heart, Love, Stimulating Life force
Physical: Spinal & Nervous System
  • Shells stimulates intuition
  • Inspiring Imagination
  • Soothing vibration to help calm emotions
  • Shell secured in 100% Sterling Silver Setting
  • Specially hand crafted in Bali, Design by Earths Elements
  • Shell Iridescent white, with Glittery Magenta Resin

Crystal Origin: Bali + Fair Trade
Made in: Bali
Size: 2.25" x 1.75"

Collections: Jewelry

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