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Lapis Lazuli Heart Pendant

$ 10.00

A refined Lapis Lazuli Heart, radiates such a splendid strength in a simple way. Totally essential for your journey of Awakening.

Elements of: Air

Chakra: Throat, Intuition & Awakening Inner strength

  • Access to inner wisdom
  • Freeing your imagination
  • Brings inner peace
  • Pineal gland, Connecting Spirit
  • Total focused goodness around your neck
  • Cleanse regularly, to keep crystal energy straightforward
  • Lapis Lazuli secured with Silver plated setting
  • Opaque Blue, with touches of White and speckles of Pyrite

Crystal Origin: Brazil + Fair Trade
Made in: USA
Approximately Size: 1"x 1" Lapis Lazuli Heart


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