Himalayan Salt Sphere Small - Earth's Elements

Himalayan Salt Sphere Small

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Himalayan Salt offers a steady flow of energy...In and around your space. Not to mention it's nourishing to the body. Add you your food or to your crystal bath, either way it has amazing beneficial qualities.

Easily grate with micro plainer or fine cheese grater to get smaller granules, and apply as needed.  

Himalayan Salt keeps the air fresh, stimulating flow of oxygen to the brain. Increases mental alertness, energy flow and improves mood. While at the same time keeping down Allergens.

It's all in the natural vibration of the Himalayan Salt, with it never ending supply of essential nutrients and vitamins.

The salt is formed from an ancient ocean bed in the Himalayan region. Sustained and supported by our Earth for millions of years.

Crafted in: Himalayan Region + Fair Trade
Size: 2" Diameter Approx 6oz Each

* Each Salt Ball carries it's own unique characteristics, they will differ slightly from the picture, however remain approximately the same size and weight as the one shown.