Hand Etched Tibetan Gong


No long will you be stressed out, unwind with your own personal Gong for essential healing. Even when it's not being used it offers its beauty in just being in your space.

Exquistly made, hand etched Tibetan Gong. You'll find symbols of the Double Vajra, Aum Mani Padmi Hum, in Sanskrit symbols. A superb example of authentic Tibetan craftsmen-ship. Besides the beautiful work, the Gong produces a Harmonic Sound that serves a purpose, which is to relax and re-align the body producing a pleasurable uplifting energy.

Tibetan Gongs have been around for thousands of years, it's only now they are having the spot light reach them, for great purpose! That purpose is to balance with the use of Harmonic Sound, removing those energy blocks for you to express your true creative intentions.

This Hand Etched Tibetan Gong is 10 years old, hand crafted in Tibet. Comes with mallet/wand. Does not come with structure that's holding it.

Origin: Tibet
Size: Gong is 21.5" Diameter

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