Green Fluorite Bracelet w/Choice of Charm


Have spring freshness with you at all times. Green Fluorite is profound stone in keeping you on track and focused with super creative energy. It's all about growth and rejuvenation for this stone, always encouraging positive thoughts while absorbing negative energy. So go on with your fresh self!

  • Elements of: Air & Water
  • Chakra: Heart, Love & Compassion
  • Green Fluorite: Transparent Light Green
  • Choice of Silver Plated Charm.
  • Your Charm will be faceted to Wristlet for you.
  • Hand made, reinforced with elevated thoughts.
  • Durable elastic allows for comfort and ease of wear.
  • Cleanse regularly, to keep crystal energy straightforward
Crystal Origin: Brazil+ Fair Trade
Crafted in: California
Size: 8mm Crystal Beads, 3" Diameter

Collections: Jewelry

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