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Green Aventurine - Tumbled

$ 5.00

Vital bright green Aventurine. Offering up a pure and gentle push for you to go after your true passions of life.

Elements of: Earth & Water

Chakra: Heart, Healing & Compassion

  • Increase Abundance into Life
  • Self Love, Compassion
  • Positive outlook, courage
  • Circulatory system, Balance blood pressure
  • Cleanse regularly, to keep crystal energized
  • Several ways to cleanse crystals this: 1. Set in Sun, 2. Set in Full Moon Light, 3. Put in Running Water, 4. Smudge with Sage or Incense. Always do what works for you.
  • Glossy, Opaque Green Stone

Crystal Origin: Brazil + Fair Trade
Size: 2"x 1.125" Approx: 1oz

*Sizes vary ever so slightly from picture, we will pick the Crystal with you in mind as Crystals chose the people.


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