Grand Buddha Head


If your into Feng Shui, this Buddha Head would surly create a moment of peace in your space.The Grand Buddha, hand carved out of stone capturing a stunning nobility in a monumental way. Pronouncing itself in a soothing, and calming manner, with its smooth edges. True Thai craftsmen-ship in rendering a simple version of Buddha in such a way. In a way you can picture the enlightened one right there in front of you.

Throughout time so much has been written of the Enlightened one, to keep it simple as the sculpted stone has, remember the supreme source resides within you. Be free of the shackles in which you control, release yourself into Nirvana. Buddha's energy is for you to remember that harmony exists throughout all that lives, be compassion.

Hand Carved out of pure stone
Origin: Thailand
Size: Measuring from the bottom of the stand 24"h x 15" w



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