Gold Metatron Protection Pendant


Gold & Garnet Metatron Orgonite Protection Pendant, One of a Kind

Metatron, also known as the 'Fruit of Life', Contains all 5 of the Platonic solids in it's structure of 13 equal circles and 78 lines of connections. Present within the ancient & modern mysteries, all sacred structures erected base their foundation on the Metatron cubes geometry. Metatron resonating primordial healing properties, brings balance, and vitality to the wearer. Crafted with the brilliance of Earths gems, this pendant offers the omnipresent light in a form for us to know our vastness, I am Light...

Made with: 24 Karat Gold, 6 Faceted Garnets, 6 Diamonds, 1 Yellow Sapphire, Turquoise,Red Jasper, Shungite, Copper shavings, on a Silk Cord, with Wooden Beads.

  • Absorbs EMF, ULF, & ELF waves, along with all that weird energy that comes at us
  • Purifies harmful radiation by amplifying the healing qualities of the crystals
  • Radiates positive energy back into the environment, making a difference one moment at a time
Made In: Northern California
Size: 1.75" Diameter

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