Earths Elements Traveling Smudge Kit

Earths Elements Traveling Smudge Kit

$ 12.00

Where ever you may go bring with you your own smudge kit. Allowing you to keep the energy fresh and rejuvenated at any time, any where.

Kit Includes: Mini Abalone shell, Feather to fan, Sage bundle, Loose Cedar, Sweet Grass, and a Charcoal tablet.

Abalone Shell, to hold or catch embers.

Sage to cleanse negative energy and to bring in positive energy.

Cedar to attract good spirits and eliminate the bad.

Sweetgrass to be burned at the beginning of a prayer or ceremony to attract positive energies.

Charcoal Tablet is great for burning loose incense or resin.

Mini Feather to fan the herbs to keep them smoldering while you smudge.


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