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Earth's Elements Crystal Botlle

$ 49.99

We care about your health! With this beautiful and stylish gem glass bottle, you can help save the Earth. Plastic bottles at bad for the environment and a health hazard for you. We only utilize non-toxic materials with ecofriendly composition and exceptional craftsmanship. 

This bottle is the perfect reminder to drink your charge water daily! You can store any beverage without worrying about it change in taste. This bottle is designed to raise your vive and make you feel good. Our goal is to support your spiritual journey and to help connect one another through the gifts of our beautiful Earth.

We feature a non toxic airtight bamboo cup that will never leak. 

Of course, you need to be careful with your crystal bottle. Please do not force your crystals too tight because bottle divider can break. Handle with love and care.

Your first set of crystals is included. 

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