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Double Terminated Rose Quartz

$ 25.00

Rose Quartz Gemstone

Do you see the love vibrating from this Rose Quartz? See your self feeling it within your hands, the double terminated quartz offers an enormous amount free flowing energy. Feel the intangible become tangible.

Elements of Water

Chakra: Heart

  • Unconditional Love for yourself & others
  • Deep Compassion
  • Calming, Reassuring
  • Balancing Heart Chakra
  • Meditate with it or Keep it Within your space
  • Cleanse regularly. Several ways to do this: 1. Set in Sun, 2. Set in Full Moon Light, 3. Put in Running Water. Do what works for you.
  • Semi-Transparent Light Rosie Pink

Mined in: Brazil + Fair Trade
Approximate Size: 4" x 1.3" 3oz

*Sizes vary ever so slightly from picture, we will pick the Crystal with you in mind as Crystals chose the people.

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