Copper Trinity Protection Pendant


Copper Trinity with Yellow Sapphire Orgonite Protection Pendant, One of a Kind

3 circles, Trinity, this symbol represents the origin of divinity, absoluteness. This pendant was forged with solid copper pieces, captivating a most ancient symbol in a structure to protect the wearer of negative energies. To reset the intention for positive greatness.

Made with: 24 Karat Gold, 1 Yellow Sapphire, Solid Copper pieces,Clear Quarts Crystals, Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Copper shavings, on a Silk Cord, with Wooden Beads.

  • Absorbs EMF, ULF, & ELF waves, along with all that weird energy that comes at us
  • Purifies harmful radiation by amplifying the healing qualities of the crystals
  • Radiates positive energy back into the environment, making a difference one moment at a time
Made In: Northern California
Size: 1.75" Diameter

Collections: Art, Gifts, Jewelry

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