Carnelian+Rudraksha Necklace


Ignite the fire within! A unique combination of the fiery Carnelian, pared with the powerful Rudraksha made into a simple necklace. Perfection for your elegant neckline.

  • Element: Fire
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus & Sacral, Instill healthy Self- Confidence
  • Courage, to Help those to take Action
  • Fires up the creative process
  • Rudraksha: Rudraksha Beads are seeds from a blue fruit which grows from a fast growing evergreen tree. Rudraksha worn is said to ward off negative energies, while amplifying your spiritual journey. Gaining strength the more often it's worn. Mala's are traditionally used in practicing Mantras (prayers) which aid in the awakening of the Kundalini, Shakti Energy that is within. This awakening allows you to become in harmony with your body, mind, and universe. Allowing for you to see our light within. Rudraksha is a Sanskrit compound word: Rudra (Shiva), aksha (Tears). Hence tears of Shiva.
  • Made with Rudraksha, & Carnelian
  • Hand made, one of a kind. Reinforced with elevated thoughts.
  • Cleanse regularly, to keep crystals energized. Wash Rudraksha occasionally with water, and rub with natural oils to keep them strong. They will become dark with age.
Crystal Origin: India & Brazil
Crafted in: California
Size: 11.5" Long

Collections: Jewelry

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