Antique Tibetan Gong


Are you stressed out? It time you have a soothing way to relax and wash away the stress, one of those ways is to have a Gong Bath. Skeptical...? Well it's been tried and tested by many, and the general senses for those who have experienced it have been changed for the better, most comments are they were "Blissed Out"... Nothing is holding you back, you now have the opportunity to have your own Gong for a pure essential enlightenment.

Tibetan Gongs have been around for thousands of years, it's only now they are having the spot light reach them, for great purpose! That purpose is to balance with the use of Harmonic Sound, removing those energy blocks for you to express your true creative intentions.

This Antique Tibetan Gong is 50 years old, hand crafted in Tibet. Comes with mallet/wand. The structure to hold it is modern, custom build out of steel, also comes with the Gong.

Origin: Tibet
Size: Holding Structure, 52" tall x 44" w, Gong is 31" Diameter

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