Healing Space

We welcome you to the place where self-healing takes place.

Luisa Jackson

Hello, welcome to my healing practice. I am a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Crystal & Sound Bath Healer. I believe the Earth provides everything we need to heal and return to wellness. I offer you tools and information that can potentially transform and inspire you to live a more conscious life. I help you find your true purpose and empower you to follow your intuition to manifest the life that you truly desire.

My journey as a healer started back in 2006 when I was diagnosed with a debilitating disease that was “incurable”. I was also dealing with depression, low self-esteem and a wide range of other emotional imbalances. The idea of taking prescription drugs for the rest of my life didn’t sit well with me. I was motivated to find other alternative ways for healing. It wasn’t until I learned about Holistic Medicine, that I healed. There is a powerful connection between your emotions and your health. I have studied with Shamans and spiritualist around the world. I have also spent time learning different healing modalities from indigenous communities in Colombia.

During our sessions, we work on finding the root cause of the problem that is affecting your life. We cleanse, balance and charge your energy field utilizing crystals, reiki, organic essential oils and crystal singing bowls. The energy field contains a wide array of information about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. By using holistic, herbal and sound medicine you can vibrate at a higher frequency, feel better and achieve ultimate wellness. Together, we can come up with tailored solutions that can change your life!


- Create an overall state of peace and relaxation – Allowing your body to truly heal

- Remove energy blockages & stagnant energy that is making you sick

- Remove imprints of emotional and physical traumaCutting energy cords (unwanted relationship connections)

- Cleanse energy of past sexual interactions

My offerings:

- 90 minute session: Reiki, Sound Therapy, Crystals & Organic Essential Oils = $144

- 45 minute session: Sound Bath = $111

For booking your next session email Luisa at: luisa@shopearthselements.com

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