Komala Saunders

Massage Therapy & Energy Medicine

Komala offers an integration of massage therapy and Energy Medicine. She works with you using deep tissue and myofascial release technique (an extremely effective techniques that involves applying gentle sustained
pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.) Komala is also a trained energy healer, having completed
a four year program at Victoria Merkle Center of Energy Medicine and runs healing energy through her hands as she massages. This energy flows into the areas of your body that have been holding tension and addresses your energy field. This assists in clearing the stored emotional energy that is being held in your muscles and deep tissues. Energy Medicine can create energetic and emotional clearing in the body as well as energetic balancing of the chakra system.
Komala is also a pilates teacher and passionate about dance, movement, and somatic therapy. She can help you maintain the progress you make in your session by teaching you specific stretches that help to bring balance in your body and continue to resolve issues of chronic pain.
Komala’s pricing:
30 minute Bodywork Session $45
60 minute Bodywork Session $85
90 minute Bodywork Session $125