Dana Plant

Professional Intuitive Consultant

Dana has over 30 years experience in the field of metaphysics and the healing arts. She specializes in the ancient and highly mystical system of the Destiny and
Tarot Cards to assist people in moving forward in their life with a renewed sense of direction, purpose, and clarity.
The Destiny Card system forecasts lifetime and yearly events, money and career cycles, business, intimate relationships, as well as spiritual guidance.
In addition to being proficient as an intuitive life coach,Dana, is a highly trained energy healer, master clinical aromatherapist, consciousness teacher, and student of yoga and advanced esoteric training. She has achieved extensive certifications in the healing arts, such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Matrix Energetics and Essential Oils Therapeutics. Aroma Healing:
Session 1: Your first energy healing session focuses on clearing your energetic field and balancing your chakras. You are fully clothed and lay on a special healing mat on the massage table that is comprised of a copper and quartz crystal grid to enhance your experience. Essential Oils are also utilized to help give you a relaxing experience as Dana orchestrates the healing modalities best suited to you at that particular time.
Session 2: Your next session goes deeper into emotional release work utilizing specific essential oils along your spinal column combined with a back massage. This powerful healing session goes a long way to calm your nervous system aiding in de-stressing.
Session 3: The third session is for brain balancing and body, mind, spirit integration
combining specific essential oils for heightened awareness and quiet mind.
Destiny Readings: Learn what your individual destiny cards are and how it relates to your path of destiny.You will receive an intuitive overview and specific time lines for lifetime, yearly, relationship, money/success readings.
Tarot Readings: Answers your questions and gives you insights assisting you to receive clarity, so you my move forward in your life with a renewed sense of purpose. The tarot is a tool of divination which reveals much about personal growth and spiritual transformation.

Each Session is approximately 1 hour in duration. Price: $150