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Hem Rai

Owner / Founder

Earth’s Elements was born in 2006 when Hem Rai, store owner and Nepal native, felt the need to share the fascinating culture of his home village here in the United States. Hem’s mission is to help people connect to the Earth. Before opening his first shop, he was a Sherpa, taking people on treks throughout the rough terrain of the Himalayan Region.

Bringing elements of his native culture Hem opened his first shop, Himalayan Treasures, in 2006 in Idyllwild, CA. With his passion of travel and exploration, many cultures were experienced along the way. It was his love for people that inspired him to create Earth’s Elements. Hem currently owns stores in Encinitas, Idyllwild, Carlsbad, Palm Springs, Hermosa Beach and Big Bear.

Earth’s Elements features a wide selection of spiritual books, organic oils and CBD, beauty products, as well as Zen home and garden decorations. “We are also proud to showcase breathtaking spiritual paintings created by local artists in Encinitas. We believe in supporting local vendors because when our communities grow, they make our city a much better place to live,” says Rai. “If you are looking for Himalayan salt lamps, home decorations, massage wands, singing bowls or pendulums, Earth's Elements is the place to visit. We’ll help you find the healing tools you need to be on your way”.

Hem is happily married to his wife Summi. They are raising a beautiful baby girl, Sarah.

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