Our Mission: 
Connecting Cultures through Universal Elements of Our Shared Earth, and The Art of the "I".
I Am Earth
I Am Air
I Am Fire
I Am Water
I Am We
I Am Now
I Am Crystal
I Am Relevant
I Am Earths Elements....
Our History: It all started with a man named Hem. Hem at one time was a Sherpa, taking people on treks throughout the Himalayan Region. It was then he felt a need to share the culture of his home village. Along with other areas of Nepal, as each tribe specializes in a craft.
Bringing elements of his native culture, Hem opened the first shop Himalayan Treasures in 2006, in Idllywld, CA. With his passion of travel and exploration, many cultures were experienced along the way. This love of people and our common connections grew, Earths Elements was thus created.
In the spirit of California, with the pleasure of traveling from the beach to the mountains in one day. You will find Earths Elements at it's first location in the beautiful beach city of Encinitas, CA opened in 2012. And up in the largest mountain in Southern CA, "Island in the Sky" Big Bear opened in 2015.
Transformation all around is increasing, we at Earths Elements are about connecting one another through our Beautiful Earth in the most positive way..."I Am Love....."